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" Hands across the ocean , put our love in motion, living like a human, be a better version.... are you gonna curse the darkness or light a candle ?" 


A song about hope, removing the restrictions we place on ourselves & shining a light on our humanity.
Co-written with long time friend and collaborator Bryan Turner during lockdown from our two respective home studios and produced by Dissembler@BST music. Free download above. Enjoy ! 

On 1/7/20 I found an old ECG graph in the glovebox of my car. It was a readout of my Dad's heartbeat from the previous year when he was in hospital. My Dad died from COVID - 19 on 25/04/20. As you can imagine, it was a pretty profound discovery. I knew I had to express my emotions in the way that is the clearest to me - through music. The chords came , and I recorded the song in one take in the garden . The lyrics arrived fully formed into my heart. I then sent them to my great friend and producer Bryan Southworth Turner who felt it like I did. He mastered the track . The next morning I recorded a self tape on my phone in my studio , and edited it on my laptop.

 I needed this to be instant  - it had to be still beating. A huge mantra of mine is summed up by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder - " Expecting perfection leaves a lot to ignore." This isn't perfect , but it's the most honest thing I have ever done , and it's my love letter to my Dad . And to all those who have an empty chair at their table. " A life lived is never a life lost" x

Here is a live rendition of a new song called " Under The Blue". Recorded at home during lockdown.

Working on a studio version at the moment for imminent release.

Would love to hear your thoughts & stories on what I've made .. 

What strange times we are living in - we are in the same storm but in different boats . A time for kindness , open minds and hearts and hands across the ocean ... x



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